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Multi-efficient, multi-solvent and multi-reliable. The latest drycleaning machines offer a multitude of options to consider. Jean Anderson guides us through the range of choices.

Dane Realstar drycleaning machine installationAt the heart of every successful drycleaning business is the equipment you use to get the results that bring customers back again and again. 

Investing in new drycleaning machinery is a massive capital purchase so the choice operators make must be the right one. They will be looking for efficiency, reliability, longevity, service support and good value as well as the latest technology.

And these days they may well be looking at alternative solvents to perc. When looking for a replacement machine, an established drycleaners will surely ring the reputable suppliers they know in the industry, says Nicholas Higgs of Dane Realstar. 

ABOVE: Dane Realstar installed this new machine into the basement of Boyle & Co Dry Cleaners in holborn, London

Higgs advises: “If they want the machine to run relatively trouble free for a number of years then they should look at a top specification, well-built machine. “The machine should be manufactured using high quality components. 

What looks like a high specification machine which is not guaranteed to be manufactured with stainless steel parts and fittings will suffer corrosion in quite a short time. “Also, with a cheaper machine, there is always a ‘catch’; often it is the after sales service and parts where the cuts occur – and in the end it is the customer who suffers. They should therefore make sure the supplier is reputable with a proven track record."

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