Are you ready to comply? 26 Feb 2018

Data protection laws are changing and GDPR is all over the news. Largely because it’s not far away, businesses don’t know much about it and many still don’t realise that they’ll be impacted. 

A government survey of 1,500 businesses, carried out between October and December 2017 found that just 38 per cent had heard of GDPR. 

Are you ready to comply to data protection

In general, the smaller the firm, the lower the awareness. But GDPR is not just something for big businesses to be on top of. Any business that processes any personal data is affected and needs to be ready for when the new laws come in to force on 25 May 2018. 

So, what is GDPR exactly? The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short) is a new, EU law that governs how personal data is handled and protected. The new regulation builds on the existing data protection law (the Data Protection Act 1998), but strengthens the rules around customers’ consent, giving us the right to withdraw consent whenever we like. 

If you’re already adhering to DPA guidelines then you are part of the way to complying with GDPR, but there are some differences. Most notably... (continued in magazine)

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