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2017 saw some turmoil as the old and easily forged £1 coin was replaced with a new and more secure variant. So how has the sector coped and what new developments are there for laundries to build upon? Adam Bernstein explores.

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Despite the onward march of technology, the cash-based society is still alive and kicking. While many might assume that coin-operated washers and dryers are a thing of the past, and to an extent, high street launderettes have dropped in number in some areas, the coin-op machine is still with us. Quite simply, the demand for coin-op machines has shifted from the high street to hostels, homes, student accommodation, holiday venues and elsewhere.

MAG Laundry Equipment

Kieron Kendell, sales director at MAG Laundry Equipment, says his company has decades of experience within the commercial laundry industry working with a wide range of sectors including commercial laundries, hotels, care homes, equestrian stables, holiday parks, caravan sites, and coinoperated launderettes. 

Kendell has noticed, over the last 12 months, a “huge increase in the number of people wanting to open up new launderettes” and a number of existing launderette owners looking to increase profits by replacing their old uneconomic machines with newer and more efficient models.

To help the sector cope with the changes, MAG established a dedicated sales team for coinoperated launderettes. Says Kendell: “Choosing the right product is key and whether you are looking to start from scratch or replace a machine, MAG Laundry Equipment can help supply you with the right machine for your launderette.” 

He’s seeing older models such as Rex, Loadstar and Ipso frequently being replaced with brands with “greater efficiency such as the Primer brand of equipment which,” says Kendell, “has been continually improved since 1922 to become some of the most energy efficient laundry machines in the world.” He claims that customers can expect to save up to 30 per cent when comparing Primer with other major brands of laundry equipment.

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