From collars to cuffs 29 Jun 2017

Whether you handle 50 shirts a day or many hundreds, wearers demand a standout finish in a professionally laundered garment.

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[The Sankosha LP-590E single buck shirt finisher from Parrisianne]

For drycleaners working in a business district or laundries handling large numbers of shirts, investment in a top quality finishing machine, tailored to your volume needs, is an investment in potential long term repeat and growing business. And if you’re cleaning business suits you really can’t afford to turn away the option of a shirt and blouse service as well. 

At Dane Realstar they pride themselves on their expertise in providing customers with the right shirt finishing equipment and their choice is Fimas.

Partner Nicholas Higgs said: “With the combination of technical innovation and our many years of experience with high quality finishing equipment, it is inevitable that we would supply outstanding shirt finishers.”

Their range includes the versatile Fimas 314 blown shirt and form finisher. Higgs explains: “This is a blown universal shirt/form finisher which can also do jackets, coats and raincoats, so very versatile for a busy drycleaning shop wishing to finish a variety of garments. “Touchscreen display on the control panel with fully automatic control makes life easy for using this machine.

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