Passage to Success 28 Jun 2017

Our links with the fashion and textiles industries are clear, and if we had a catwalk the machines gliding up and down it would most likely be the slinky and shiny washer-extractors – because that’s where the glitz and glamour are usually found and where we most expect to see the new looks.

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But today we’re applauding the outsize models, the tunnel or continuous batch washers which are our big beasts. Never think they are simply lumbering giants, because technological developments within these marvels of modern engineering are currently more than keeping pace with advances elsewhere.

What’s driving all these new developments? For a start, larger laundries are having to adapt to a multiplicity of new work from customers operating in mass markets where they want their own brands and insignia to stand out in an individual manner. And then there are the challenges of globalisation, demographic changes and a shortage of natural resources.

So now agility is required, something smaller operations such as unit shops have become used to – the ‘platespinning’ world of the modern laundry. At the core of all this is the matter of hygiene, with greater amounts of legislation introduced in many countries, and similar requirements expected to follow in developing regions.

So what's new?...

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