CLEAN backs World Environment Day 30 May 2017

Leading independent laundry provider CLEAN is encouraging all businesses to get behind World Environment Day on Monday 5 June 2017 and put the focus on protecting nature and the planet.

CLEAN, which employs more than 1,450 employees to deliver five million linen items and over 130,000 workwear items from its seven laundry production facilities in England each week, puts green credentials at the heart of its business.

The company, led by Chief Executive Officer Jason Miller, has developed – and continues to improve – an Environmental Management System to enable it to meet and exceed its responsibilities to the environment and the areas in which the laundries operate.

Earlier this year CLEAN opened a £15m super laundry in Slough which features the latest laundry technology and uses some of the improvements and energy savings it had put in place at its original 'green' laundry in Camberley in 2009. The new laundry at Slough, together with other company-wide initiatives, has helped CLEAN reduce its overall carbon footprint by 39% since being implemented.

Some of the ways CLEAN has achieved this result include:

• Reducing electricity and gas consumption by 5.6% and 2.5% respectively over the last 2 years

• Introducing effective water recycling systems, reducing water consumption by 15.8% over the last two years

• Reducing fuel consumption by 35% by targeting a 5% improvement on miles per gallon

• Introducing environmentally friendly chemicals and modernized equipment to reduce chemical wastage The company, which won the 'Sustainable Supplier' title at the Footprint Awards held in London on 25 May 2017, also holds 'green days' for its staff. CLEAN CEO

Miller said: "At CLEAN our environmental responsibilities and the impacts that we have on our surroundings are extremely important to us. That's why we have a plan in place to lessen our impact on the environment and why earlier this year we opened our world-class laundry in Slough. "We would love other businesses to think in the same way, which is why we're shouting about what we've done in the hope of inspiring others to make a change this World Environment Day."

World Environment Day is run by the United Nations Environment Programme and is used to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet.

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