CLEAN announces partnership with Whitbread plc 11 May 2017

CLEAN has announced a new long-term partnership with Whitbread plc, the UK’s largest hospitality company, to provide linen to more than 15,000 bedrooms across their 150-strong, and growing, Premier Inn hotel portfolio.

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This is CLEAN’s largest single contract win in their 131-year history. The partnership is the outcome of an 18-month relationship that began as Whitbread launched a laundry service review across its Premier Inn brand - consistently rated the UK's Best Value Hotel Chain by YouGov.

Barry Edwards, procurement manager at Whitbread, commented: “Premier Inn selected CLEAN to provide laundry services because of their focus on quality, which will help create the best possible hotel experience for our customers. Their investment in new, modern laundry facilities will also support our future growth.”

A large-scale installation project is now underway to ensure each hotel’s laundry function is streamlined and the onsite teams are fully briefed. The initial phase of the installation project will be complete in the summer and is critical in the initial stages of the laundry switchover as the CLEAN team uses this opportunity to work alongside management and housekeeping teams to deploy an efficient and dependable service.

Due to CLEAN’s network of well-invested laundries across England, they are able to provide customers with a seamless service by utilising all production facilities available. A sophisticated route planning system ensures the delivery routes taken are as efficient as possible, keeping delivery times, road miles and emissions to a minimum. This commitment to efficiency is at the core of CLEAN’s service offering and supports its Environmental Management System as part of a wider supply chain strategy. Striving for excellence, CLEAN maps and measures energy consumption whilst identifying further opportunities for improvement, which has resulted in a 39 per cent reduction in its overall carbon footprint.

With an estimated 44,000 new hotel rooms set to open across the UK hotel market this year, CLEAN’s brand new 42,000 sq. ft. super laundry in Slough will be an integral part of the service provided to Premier Inn, and the booming London and south east hotel market.

Jason Miller, chief executive officer of CLEAN, added: “This is an exciting time for us as a business. We were chosen as Premier Inn’s new laundry provider based on our quality proposition and the increased reliability in the service. The new partnership is testament to CLEAN’s integrity when it comes to being about quality of product, service and customer experience and not simply just cost.

“The Premier Inn brand is widely recognised as the pinnacle of affordable quality within the budget hotel market due to their consistently exceptional standards. This reliability has perfect synergy with CLEAN as we seek to provide our customers with a service and product that offers hospitality operators peace of mind that their linen provision is in safe, reliable hands.”

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