Notorious night-time NIBBLERS 04 Apr 2017

Pest control is big business as moths, bed bugs and other creatures thrive in the milder weather. Adam Bernstein explores the latest products and services drycleaners should have in their armoury to help customers both prevent and get rid of their pest issues.

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Try as householders might, pest problems just refuse to go away. Moths eating clothing, bed bugs dining on those sleeping, and other creatures worming themselves into our lives – it’s a real problem and one that drycleaners are well placed to help customers beat. All they need is the right advice and good products to back it up.

Graham Warren, sales director at Caraselle Ltd, says that the trade only has to look at the media to see that moths are really thriving – “Moths which feed on clothes are sweeping through the nation’s wardrobes after a ‘perfect’ summer for them to breed” wrote the Sun last October, and “Clothes moths are on the march through your wardrobe – and resistance is futile” noted the Telegraph at the same time. Warren suggests that pest control is big business: “I hear people all the time talking about how seasonal they are but this is just not true, because seeing a moth is part of the problem butit’s not the only problem.” He says it’s the growing larvae that’s doing the damage to clothes and they can spend two years doing it.

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